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Sunday morning

on April 24, 2011


Happy Easter to every follower of Group 75 and our blog!!

This morning, after a great breakfast at the hotel, we all went for a little stroll to explore Lourdes and see some of the sights.

We got to see the beautiful Basilica and quietly tip toe past the grotto as there was a mass taking place when we got there, we got to see where they walk when doing the torchlight precession and even got a lesson in Lourdes history from our group historian and tour guide Maureen.

After all the walking in the bright sunshine it was time for a little drink, we decided on a little cafe that some of the more experienced in the group remember from previous trips. It turned out to be a great choice as there were 3 or 4 other HCPT groups there at the same time so we all sat together in the sun, with the river running beside us, singing and dancing along with the other groups. We even got a great show of dancing from one of the children in the other group, what a mover!

This afternoon is a more relaxing, with plenty to get messy with as we paint our own easter eggs.

Enjoy the rest of your easter sunday and will post again soon.



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