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Update of the week so far…

on April 27, 2011

First off apologies, to those following the blog, for not posting anything the last couple of days but as you can guess we have been so busy and having so much fun.

The week so far has been amazing, the kids are settling in brilliantly and having loads of fun and there are plenty of photos to prove it.  I’m sure you all cant wait to see when we get home.


A wet time was had at St. Jean De Luz beach, but it didn’t stop group 75 from diving in to the sea or playing rugby on the soft sand.  All the kids joined in with Grace, Kurtis and Katie with their swimming gear on and getting right in the sea with the soaking wet fully clothed helpers!!  Chad and Rheanne dipped their toes in while future rugby star Adam kept the other helpers running round like headless chickens.

Monday night saw the HCPT concert in the underground Basilica, the was lots of singing and dancing with everyone getting involved and Victor even got a photo planting a big kiss on the cheek of the compare, Pop Idol winner 2003, Michelle McManus!!


Tuesday morning we headed to the animal park!  We were joined by or friends from Group 36 and got to see things like Bears, Otters, Wolves and beautiful bird flying around our heads.  After lunch we headed to the meadows to have a big water fight where Group Leader – Rogi Bear got soaked (again!) by all the kids.  We dried off quickly in a cafe (pub!) with a good sing song.

Last night was the amazing, HCPT lead, torchlight precession.  Thousands of people turned out to walk around past the Grotto and the Basilica with their candles lighting up the way in the night.  The kids had their little neon glow sticks and really got into the spirit of the night, finishing with a…yes thats right, a sing song!


Today we had a well deserved lie in after the great night last night.  Then it was out for a big breakfast before group photos outside the Basilica.  The children then got to visit the Grotto, gently brushing the smooth walls on the way around.

As we are writing this the kids are all doing their diaries of the week too, updating everyday, in their own words, what they have been up to and what they have enjoyed on the trip.

I hope you are enjoying the blog so far as we noticed there are many people having a look at this story of our week, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, or send us your messages for the kids, or helpers, in the tatler, just email tatler@hcpt.org.uk.

Back later to fill you in on our afternoon as we are heading out soon to visit Hosanna House.

Love Group 75



2 responses to “Update of the week so far…

  1. Ann says:

    So pleased that you are all having a wonderful time.

  2. angela says:

    hiya group75 so pleased to hear you are all having a brilliant time and the weathers been good for you hope you all carry on and have a fantastic last few days
    hiya adam you arent half having fun there i bet you dont want to come home lol hope you have a great last few days cya soon
    love you
    mam and dad tanya and jay xxxxxxx

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