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Hosanna House, Trust Mass & The Petite Train

on April 28, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon

Hosanna House is a beautiful retreat based outside of Lourdes at the foot of the mountains, with amazing views all around.  HCPT had set up an arts & craft tent with Carmel helpers on hand to help with face painting and other arty activities.

Grace look great with her face painted at a ladybird, she even had little red antennae made for her head.  Katie had hers made to look like an Ice Queen and kept many of the Carmel helpers busy wanting to make things.  Kurtis had a colourful 75 painted on his arm and even made a button necklace and a cool poster with his name and favourite bikes on.

Even the helpers got involved with butterflies, batman, Rogi Bears and just right for our helpers…a couple of clowns!!


Trust Mass this morning, were all HCPT group here in Lourdes this week come together in the underground Basilica.  The face paints were out again with everyone getting involved and we got to do some more of our favourite activities, singing and dancing!  The mass was streamed live on the Lourdes TV site so if anyone got chance to watch maybe they saw us?  If you missed it I am sure there will be a link to the filming up on the website soon.

After mass we get to decorate the group candle ready for lighting tomorrow, every child and helper left messages for family and friends to show we are all thinking about them, those that are far away and those no longer with us.

The little train that runs around Lourdes was our trip out for the afternoon, with everyone associated with HCPT being fair game for a water fight.  Helpers and children alike were soaked as the fun sometimes meant that when there were no targets around the water guns were turned on each other.

Tonight is party night with fancy dress and party food so the kids and helpers are all busy getting ready and getting the costumes on.

Back tomorrow with the last few posts from Lourdes 2011.



One response to “Hosanna House, Trust Mass & The Petite Train

  1. Ann says:

    Wow what a fantastic day you seem to have had.

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