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Party Night and Our Last Day

on April 29, 2011

Thursday (night)

PARTY NIGHT!! Along with group 36 we had a fabulous night with great fancy dress costumes on show, from Wilma Flintstone to Bananaman.  Prizes were given out to Group 75 winners listed as below:

  • Best Dancer 2011 – Katie
  • Best Romeo 2011 – Adam
  • Best Swimmer 2011 – Kurtis
  • Best Singer 2011 – Grace
  • Best Helper 2011 – Chad
  • Best Jumper 2011 – Rheanne
There was lots of dancing and games for everyone to get involved in and was a great way to start the beginning of the end of what has been a fabulous week in Lourdes.


The group started the day with a trip to the aquarium.  We saw sharks, turtles and even Nemo on our walk through the seas of the world.  We hot footed it back as there was a little celebration of a wedding to catch as everyone was excited to see the dress and it didn’t disappoint.

The afternoon began with a trip to the grotto to light this years group candle (you may remember we decorated this the other day?) we said a small prayer for those people at home.  After this we continued on to mass together with the North East Region, as they very kindly invited us to celebrate the week we have all had together.

Unfortunately, as the end draws near, it’s time to start the packing for our early start in the morning.  Hoping to be back in sunny Blighty by noon, looking forward to seeing family and friends to tell them more about our week!

See you all soon, and in a few days we will be back on here to give a review of the week, add some pictures, news of the reunion and even information on how you can help for 2012.

Group 75,



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