HCPT Group 75

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Final Meeting!

on March 24, 2013

Friday night was our last group meeting before we all head out for Lourdes 2013! It means the count down to go is really on!

Despite the weather, almost everyone was able to make it but the high winds and snow drifts did mange to stop a couple of people from joining us, you were missed and we are all looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

To remind everyone, we all need to meet on Saturday morning at the St.Mary’s Kells car park at 7:30am.

Some other information from the meeting to confirm the final plans, we will have a fancy dress party while we are away so if you don’t have anything already please have a think and pack something. And be sure to pack something waterproof! Also if anyone wants any presents or postcards sending while we are there please make a list and put in case or give to one of the helpers?

There was a pack of information given out for everyone on Friday and if you didn’t get one we will make sure you get your as soon as possible, in there is some important contact information and a badge that children and helpers must wear all the time we are away.

For everyone at home we will be trying to post blogs, photos, Facebook status updates and Tweets while we are away, please comment, send messages and tweets whenever you can for all the helpers and children. The is also a HCPT newspaper called the Tatler which prints news and updates while we are in Lourdes, if you want to send a message to the group or one of the children please send your message to tatler@hcpt.org.uk.

I know the weather is cold and windy out there and in someplace it is white snow in all directions but at least we all have next week to look forward too. Here’s to another wonderful pilgrimage…

Come alive with 75!!



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