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The busy and the relaxed

We are currently on a little quiet/play time (as Group 75 is never quiet it's more of a playtime!) so here is a little update…

This morning was a trip to the caves, perfect place to visit even in the rain! It was slightly tiring on the older legs but the kids all coped brilliantly. We all joined in on a big sing song on the bus to pass the time with Rise and Shine getting better and louder with every version we do! (Just in time for the concert tonight!)

We ducked, climbed steps and explored our way through the miles or caves until we found a long boat and a little train to help us with the last section of the trip.


In case you can't tell the photo is of the caves but with only a few lights and a camera on the phone we were a little limited. Many others got much better and clearer photos I bet you will all see when we get home.

Lunch was lovely as ever and everyone is enjoying their food and eating really well but it's a little 'down time' so people are either catching forty winks or playing games and balloons in the hotel.

To give everyone a little more of an idea of what it is like here if you have never been to Lourdes, it is beautiful. It's a very calm and welcoming place. Everywhere you go around the town, especially this week, all the smiling faces say hello.

The patches of multi-coloured uniforms that blanket the view in every direction is a reminder if how many groups from all the different parts of the UK and from all over the world that are here and feeling the same feelings if belonging and happiness we all get from being here.

Songs fill the air from the churches, bars and hotels as you move around the tight street and the shops are always bustling with life.

We are off for an early dinner tonight as we are off to the concert for even more (and louder) singing and dancing! Post more later…miss you all at home xx



Day 1 & 2!

We are here!! Day one passed by as we travelled and arrived at the hotel safe and sound. Everyone, first time visitors and experienced veterans were excited and pleased to see Lourdes and the Hotel, even through the rain.

This morning the sun has been trying to break through but a tiny bit of weather wont stop Group 75 as we went for a walk to take the escourted tour of the little museum, lead by the curators Margaret and Maureen.

Then it was the short walk down to see the Grotto for the first time. This magical place is always very busy but we were able to make our way through to Grotto and the children got to touch the walls and see the spring.

This afternoon was all about crafts and dancing! Everyone had a great time decorating their Easter eggs and all won something for making such stunning artwork!

Happy Easter everyone at home, hope your not missing us too much but we are all enjoying our holiday so far.



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