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Day 1 & 2!

on April 1, 2013

We are here!! Day one passed by as we travelled and arrived at the hotel safe and sound. Everyone, first time visitors and experienced veterans were excited and pleased to see Lourdes and the Hotel, even through the rain.

This morning the sun has been trying to break through but a tiny bit of weather wont stop Group 75 as we went for a walk to take the escourted tour of the little museum, lead by the curators Margaret and Maureen.

Then it was the short walk down to see the Grotto for the first time. This magical place is always very busy but we were able to make our way through to Grotto and the children got to touch the walls and see the spring.

This afternoon was all about crafts and dancing! Everyone had a great time decorating their Easter eggs and all won something for making such stunning artwork!

Happy Easter everyone at home, hope your not missing us too much but we are all enjoying our holiday so far.




One response to “Day 1 & 2!

  1. rebecca charlie and thomas says:

    Hi to group 75 hope u r having a good week so happy 50th birthday dad n granda have a good day miss n love u all rebecca charlie n thomas xx

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