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Day 3 & 4

on April 2, 2013

So as we mentioned, last night was the concert. It was held in the underground basilica which can house thousands of people and it was packed last night with smiling, singing, laughing HCPT faces. We got there nice and early to get a seat near the front and soon found the theme was Joseph and his technicolored dreamcoat!

The choir and band played a collection of songs from the show, from 'close every door' to 'any dream will do'! (I bet your all signing them in your head now too!) We all really enjoyed have a sing along with the words popping up on the big screens and every group around the building were on their feet dancing along, including all of Group 75.

There was also a little appearance from a certain (cardboard) Gary Barlow!

Also it was one of our helpers birthday yesterday so Happy 50th Birthday to Alan, hope you had a great day and enjoyed the special shirt you had to wear for the day and thank you for having your birthday in Lourdes with us, the cake was lovely!


Day 4 has a few nice relaxing little bits to do as we have the torch light precession tonight. In the morning we went to get some photos around the basilica and then some free time if people wanted to relax or shop, John went to see and learn about Bernadette's House and Cameron, Katy, Ross and Abbie went with the other helpers to play and make things in the hotel.

Then after lunch is the little train! Some say its the highlight of the week, which must be due to the sights of Lourdes, the education talk that plays over the speakers are the little train moves around the streets. Or it could be to do with the water pistols that were used to spray innocent passers by and then they got turn and each other! Between the rain, water pistols and tears of laughter I think we all enjoyed the little train!

Thank you every one at home for your messages to the Tatler so far, they help greatly and the children love to hear from friends and family at home. Send any more to tatler@hcpt.org.uk



3 responses to “Day 3 & 4

  1. Deborah McCarron says:

    Pleased yous have a great time on the train with the water pistols sounds like fun. enjoy the torchlight procession to night. gud nite god blees xx

  2. susan says:

    pleased u guys avin a fab time xx

  3. deborah says:

    Hope yous have all had a great today :)) xx

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