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Singing in the rain

on April 20, 2014

First full day here and it is wet wet wet….

We started the day with a lovely breakfast, filling up on cereal, bread, yoghurts, fruit and nutella on croissants!

Our new ‘helpers’ Liz, Pat and Margaret received their ‘L’ plates and are thoroughly on their way to be fully fledged members of mighty group 75!!!

Next we visited the Grotto and Bernadette’s story, though it was a bit wet to stay outside. So we followed this with decorating our eggs for tonight’s competition, and an easter egg hunt around the hotel and had marvellous fun.

Easter mass was this afternoon where many of the group experienced the HCPT ‘feeling’! Rise and Shine once again topped the bill.

We’ve just come in from a sing song in the cafe where we seemed to have battle with Group 195!! There may be some sore throats later.

So now is down town before tea!!

Come alive with 75!!


One response to “Singing in the rain

  1. deb mccarron says:

    hi hope the weather is better today for yous group 75 am sure yous will still having a brill time tho. xx

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