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Busy Day

on April 22, 2014

Well what a day!!

We had a little lie in of about 8 am, absolute bliss! Then we headed of to Hosanna House for a morning of mayhem. Lewis was first to find the bouncy castle, and dragged a couple of us with him. The ladies, Grace, Kate, Danielle and Georgia found the face paints and persuaded Alan, Dave and John to join in. Check out the photos 🙂

Sean made full use of the bouncy castle and even got Annmarie on, to much amusement.

After a fun filled morning, the afternoon was spent having a full group photo and having a walk through the Grotto. Then some down time was had by some whilst others, namely Grace, Danielle and Kate spent 50 minutes in one shop!! That must be some record….

The evening was spent at one of the most poynient parts of the week, the Torchlight Procession. It touched many of the group and the children and young people were very respectful. The evening ended with a full HCPT sing song, once again enjoyed by everyone.

Tomorrow is the beach!!

Come alive with 75!!!

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One response to “Busy Day

  1. deb mccarron says:

    oh look so they have had fun doing that to them. hope your weather is better. missing chloe cant wait to see her saturday the house to quite think i have gone deaf lol. xx

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