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Party Time

on April 24, 2014

Well today we had the Trust Mass. I hope you saw us?? Faces painted, colourful trousers and blue t-shirts. What a spectacle it was, hosted by the met deep south. We had a bit of rise and shine and sing it in the valleys. The morning was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The afternoon saw the infamous ‘petit train’ also known as Group 75 water fight!! We headed around Lourdes on the train armed with water pistols and anyone in HCPT colours were fair game. Needless to say ‘drowned rats’ spring to mind. Videos and pictures to follow. 

The night ended in the party night and a bit of fancy dress. We had a few games and it was time for the weekly awards…

Best Dancer – Georgia
Best Wheelchair Pusher – Lewis
Best Make Up Advisor – Danielle
Best Singer – Kate
Best Diary Writer – Sean
Best Bouncer – Grace

We followed this with an amazing singing and dancing disco in a pub with many of the other groups! 

Tomorrow sees us having a lie in and a visit to the Animal Park, then the big pack.

Come Alive with 75!!


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