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First full day

on April 5, 2015

First full day in, and it’s been fabulous. The weather was not too kind to start with, however brightened up over the day.

We headed off to the Grotto after a chocolate filled breakfast for some, giving everyone chance to find their bearings. This was followed with Maureen giving us the story of Bernadette, and few inquisitive questions from the younger members of our group ensued.

The afternoon saw the first mass of the week, singing lead by the fabulous group from the West Indies. The children has their first real experience of the HCPT family, and the music that encompasses it. Rise and Shine always proving to be a particular favourite.
We headed to a local cafe after the mass and had a sing song and a special Happy Birthday for one of our members. That being Jenna, who turned 21 with 7 years experience today.

So all in all we’ve had a lovely day and a Happy Easter to everyone.

Come Alive with 75!!!


One response to “First full day

  1. Yous all luks so avin fun&quessed chloe been in tekin selfies because shes always tekin them lol. Xx

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