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The beauty of Lourdes

on April 7, 2015

So just back from an emotional Torch Light Parade, and what an evening in was. Song, prayers and dancing, a beautiful sight to behold and im sure once we have sorted cameras some beautiful images will come out.

The day started with a relaxing and unrushed brekkie. The croissants and nutella are going down a treat. Then we headed off to explore a little of ‘Old Lourdes’ and found ourselves at the Fort. The views were magnificent and Max gave us an insight into to expressionist art after we had viewed a few pictures. We then went on to the Cachot, where Bernadette and her family spent some time when she was a young girl, through the times of the apparitions.

We had a spot of lunch and then got our glad rags on ready for our group photo down at the Basilica. It was then off to sample some of the local ice cream, it would be rude not to! Whilst there the little train past us, and some got a good soaking from our lovely friends from Darlington. Don’t worry we will get them back 🙂

As I say, torchlight was the evenings event and we met up with the only other active group for our region this year, group 56 from Preston. It was lovely to share the North West banner.

Tomorrow brings to us the beach and with glorious sunshine we are having, it’s sure to be a better.

Come Alive with 75!


One response to “The beauty of Lourdes

  1. Hiya chloe&all group 75 sounds like yous are avin a fab time 🙂 xx

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