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Hello!…..From Sunny Lourdes

on March 29, 2016

Well hello from sunny Lourdes. The weather has been lovely for the last couple of days, so much so an impromptu water fight occured on the meadows yesterday afternoon culminting in one soaked deputy…. Ah well we soon dried off in a cafe where our illustrious leader finally made her grand enterance, in the fine words of another group leader our ‘part time pilgrim’ had arrived.

We began the day off to the caves. The guys thoroughly enjoyed it. According to one, we went down 399 steps, we walked a mile, went on a boat and then finally a train…all within a short ninety minutes.
As previously mentioned we spent the afternoon in the Meadows, playing games, tennis and football. Then having a group game of rounders (baseball to the boys).
The evening consisted of the arky parky concert. We got our first chance to really stretch the vocal chords with a little bit of rise and shine.
So as for today we are having our neon day and we’re off to the play base!!
So ciao for now!!
Come Alive with 75!!

4 responses to “Hello!…..From Sunny Lourdes

  1. Tom bamber says:

    Lovely photos , all very happy, raining here ,, missing you all

  2. deborah mccarron says:

    Hi sounds like yous are havin fun 😆 hope yous havent eat to meny easter eggs 😊 xx

  3. Simon lilly says:

    Happy birthday Alan, hope you’ve had a good one father lol…….

    Wish I could be there with yous, looking forward to hearing to your stories when yous get back

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