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Day 7 – A Magical Week

Well today started with a late get up….for some anyway. We headed to the Munster Bar for a bit of brekkie. Sausages, bacon etc….a nice change from bread, cheese and croissants.

Then the Friday shopping trip commenced, lad and lasses, jumpers and perfumes. I think everyone shopped until they dropped.

One of our final traditions is to write up our petitions for the group candle of messages and thanks. We decorated it, made it special, ready to take to the Grotto later on at night. Father Hugh from Group 56 came to bless the candle and shared some prayers.

As the afternoon progressed we went for our final sing song in the cafe and happened to stumble across a Scottish sing off, however they accommodated us nevertheless. Great fun was had by all.

As dusk arrived at Lourdes we took our final walk to the Grotto and to light our candle. A very emotional time for all of the group where we offer thanks to those who helped us achieve another successful week, but to those who also need our prayers.

We have had the most wonderful, magical week and we thank from the bottom of our hearts for helping us achieve this. The children and young people have had a fabulous time and that’s all we could wish for.

Group 75, love you all deep down in our hearts!

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Day 6 – Party Time!

Just wow!!!

Trust mass, is something that cannot be explained, it has to be witnessed. I hope the videos we’ve put on portrays just some of the magic that was felt in the underground basilica. It was fabulous. Darcey and Angel carried out the phenomenal honour of carrying our banner and the regional banner for the North West.

Our afternoon consisted of the obligatory train ride around Lourdes, with a bit of a twist!! Water!! As it happens one of the groups was already waiting for us, armed and loaded!! One of us managed to hit a nun….no names ay Sam 🙂 much fun was had as always….highlight to the week.

The evening was party night! Dancing and pie face, what more could you want?! Our regional chair even had a go…. the video of Grandma (Maureen) is still making me laugh.

It was also awards night;
Best Dancer – Angel
Most Inquisitive- Lewis
Best Banner Carrier – Darcey
Best Singer – Dylan

Wonderful day with wonderful people! Making memories….

Coming alive with 75!!

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Beach Day!!!!

Earlier rising today and we were all excited for beach day. A long journey though it is St Jean de Luz, it really is worth it.

We did pretty much everything we’d do on the beach, jump in the sea, eat ice creams, play with the ball, bury each other, all whilst fully covered in factor duffle coat. It was awesome!! Lots of photos for this day which I’m sure you’ve already seen pop up.

The return journey, was full of singing and sleeping and once again a great rendition of ‘castle on the Hill’ by our super boy!

The evening was spent with out friends from the North East, group 36, with a large sing song of many different hits from the years. Our VIPs were not shy and loved every minute!!!

What a memorable day!! Definitely coming alive with 75!!!!


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Day 4 – Torchlight

So today was all about making new friends and great memories!!!

We began with lots and lots of chocolate, croissants, bread and cheese! As I’ve said before food, food and more food. Nobody will starve whilst we’re away.

So playbase was our destination of the morning, face painting, crafts and decorating the trust mass banner. The kids had fabulous fun, but so did the oldies 🙂

Then it was back for lunch and a little rest before we headed out to meet our regional buddies. For some it was the first meeting our friends from Group 56, the Preston group. We celebrated mass together, with a great rendition of rise and shine.

We all jumped in the group the photo, which I’m assured was ‘fantastic’, but we wait to see…

Obviously we ventured to the ‘cafe’ for a little liquid refreshment and ice cream, and a little bask in the sun. Have I mentioned the weather is on top form. Truly beautiful. The sun has most definitely got his hat on 🙂

So last night was the Torchlight procession was as beautiful as always, and very hard to describe in words. A wonderful candle lit walk through the domain where all of HCPT joined together, most definitely to be experienced.

Fabulous week being had by all!! Coming alive with 75….


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Day 3 – Caves and Sing Songs!

Well what a fabulous day we have had!! Obviously the day started with croissants and chocolate….well for some of us anyway. We then made our first excursion out to the caves – grottes de Betharram. Darcey reliably informs me we went up and down 416 steps, whilst going 80m underground. The culmination is a short boat road followed by a mile train ride….Dylan’s favourite part!! There were songs a plenty… let it go, the circle of life, a full Disney morning 🙂

Back for lunch, yes you guessed it….three courses!!!

The afternoon was an afternoon of play on the meadows. The idea was to play a few games and then have a little water fight, but where water and group 75 are concerned the water fight started first….and we got soaked!! The sun was out so we all dried out and then played a few parachute games. It was a lovely afternoon, lots of memories made.

The afternoon finished with a few songs in the cafe…led by ourselves. We are definitely vocal compared to many groups.

Hope you’re keeping up to date with us! We miss everyone but we’re having a wonderful time!!

We’re absolutely alive with 75!!!


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Day 2 – Happy Easter!

Well the sunshine did come out and has hopefully set the tone for the week! We started the day with a trip down to the Grotto, a wonder to the meadows followed by Group 75’s rendition of The Story of Bernadette, as told by Grandma Maureen. The young people were as inquisitive as always, but nothing puts Maureen off her stride.

Lunch showed our newbies with the group to expect more food than we can eat. Three courses at all meal times.

The afternoon began the annual Easter egg competition, which descended into face painting and arm painting, good fun nevertheless. We had our very own Britain’s Got Talent with the lovely vocals on the landing….

Later on in the afternoon we had to the cafe where we joined lots of other groups for an afternoon of singing. I’m sure many of you have seen Annmaries video of the fun time we had. All the young people have come out of their shells and are joining in the fun!
We had a treasure hunt to find different people and different groups and different colours. There was some ‘thinking out the box’ shall we say from the boys. The winners however, were Sam, Kala and Angel!!!!!!
Tea time, and there was more food!!! This is was followed by the judging of the Easter egg competition…..
Most Easter Eggy-Lewis
Most Gemmy-Darcey
Most Neon-Angel
Most Bunny-Dylan
So day Two, huge success!!!
We’re all coming alive with 75!!
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So here we are, day one!

As always with the first day it has been looooonnnnggggg!!! However, we’re here all in one piece, all luggage and helpers accounted for, and the mayhem has already begun.
The flight was uneventful, which is always a bonus and we arrived at the hotel just in time for lunch. Rooms assigned, bags unpacked and the first cafe visited. The vocal chords are being warmed nicely and should be in full swing tomorrow.
So everyone is already in bed, and our young people are already counting sheep. So it’s a very short blog today, but we’re all very excited for what the week will hold. Stick with us throughout the week to hear of our goings on.
So adios for now!
Come Alive with 75!!!
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