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on April 15, 2017

So here we are, day one!

As always with the first day it has been looooonnnnggggg!!! However, we’re here all in one piece, all luggage and helpers accounted for, and the mayhem has already begun.
The flight was uneventful, which is always a bonus and we arrived at the hotel just in time for lunch. Rooms assigned, bags unpacked and the first cafe visited. The vocal chords are being warmed nicely and should be in full swing tomorrow.
So everyone is already in bed, and our young people are already counting sheep. So it’s a very short blog today, but we’re all very excited for what the week will hold. Stick with us throughout the week to hear of our goings on.
So adios for now!
Come Alive with 75!!!

One response to “Arrival

  1. deborah mccarron says:

    Hello happy easter group 75 hope use are havin fun&not eating too meny eggs&enjoyed your easter egg hunt!! X

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