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Day 2 – Happy Easter!

on April 17, 2017

Well the sunshine did come out and has hopefully set the tone for the week! We started the day with a trip down to the Grotto, a wonder to the meadows followed by Group 75’s rendition of The Story of Bernadette, as told by Grandma Maureen. The young people were as inquisitive as always, but nothing puts Maureen off her stride.

Lunch showed our newbies with the group to expect more food than we can eat. Three courses at all meal times.

The afternoon began the annual Easter egg competition, which descended into face painting and arm painting, good fun nevertheless. We had our very own Britain’s Got Talent with the lovely vocals on the landing….

Later on in the afternoon we had to the cafe where we joined lots of other groups for an afternoon of singing. I’m sure many of you have seen Annmaries video of the fun time we had. All the young people have come out of their shells and are joining in the fun!
We had a treasure hunt to find different people and different groups and different colours. There was some ‘thinking out the box’ shall we say from the boys. The winners however, were Sam, Kala and Angel!!!!!!
Tea time, and there was more food!!! This is was followed by the judging of the Easter egg competition…..
Most Easter Eggy-Lewis
Most Gemmy-Darcey
Most Neon-Angel
Most Bunny-Dylan
So day Two, huge success!!!
We’re all coming alive with 75!!

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