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Day 3 – Caves and Sing Songs!

on April 18, 2017

Well what a fabulous day we have had!! Obviously the day started with croissants and chocolate….well for some of us anyway. We then made our first excursion out to the caves – grottes de Betharram. Darcey reliably informs me we went up and down 416 steps, whilst going 80m underground. The culmination is a short boat road followed by a mile train ride….Dylan’s favourite part!! There were songs a plenty… let it go, the circle of life, a full Disney morning šŸ™‚

Back for lunch, yes you guessed it….three courses!!!

The afternoon was an afternoon of play on the meadows. The idea was to play a few games and then have a little water fight, but where water and group 75 are concerned the water fight started first….and we got soaked!! The sun was out so we all dried out and then played a few parachute games. It was a lovely afternoon, lots of memories made.

The afternoon finished with a few songs in the cafe…led by ourselves. We are definitely vocal compared to many groups.

Hope you’re keeping up to date with us! We miss everyone but we’re having a wonderful time!!

We’re absolutely alive with 75!!!


One response to “Day 3 – Caves and Sing Songs!

  1. deborah mccarron says:

    Hello sounds like use are avin fun&enjoyin šŸ˜Š hope weather has been lovely for use. Missing u chloe xx

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