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Time to Come Alive

on April 1, 2018

Well after a long and slightly delayed journey yesterday, everyone woke up a little sprightly this morning ready for what the day ahead held.

After a chocolate fuelled breakfast some (ever flowing Nutella) we headed out into the Lourdes sunshine. We headed to our tradition starting point at the the story of Bernadette. Our lead story teller isn’t with us this year, but John stepped into Maureen’s shoes and did a fine job.

Afterwards we headed to the grotto, so everyone could have a look and relate to the story they had just heard. Heading past the grotto we saw all your he work that has been put in in marking Lourdes slightly safer from the water damage of the past.

Then lunch beckoned where everyone tried a bit of everything, even if they weren’t sure. Some were a success and some not so….

After dinner was the customary Lourdes treasure hunt, getting other groups to do the YMCA a particular highlight this year! The winning team for the second year running was Kala and Sams team, with teammates Carlianne, Angel, Abbie and Joshua. Well done guys!!

Next turned out annual Easter egg competition. There was a high class of entry this time….
The best Ladybird egg – Carlianne
The best Easter sign egg – Rowan
The best Daisy egg – Angel
The best butterfly egg – Kieran
The best PJ masks egg – Joshua
The best purple egg – Mads

Well it’s time for showers and bed time as we close in on what has been a fabulous day. Thank you for on going support and messages, it means a great deal.

Come Alive with 75!!!


One response to “Time to Come Alive

  1. Gillian pater says:

    Glad you had a lovely firest day in the sunshine night all sleep tight xxxxxx

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