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Caves and Water Fights

on April 2, 2018

So today, Monday, started overcast with warm breeze as we headed out after breakfast to the caves at Betharram. We meandered around to the coach park where we were treated to our own mini bus. Once we were all safely loaded and belter in, we set off on the 15 minuted journey into the hills.

The caves consist of a small walk through the caverns, down several sets of steps, allegedly over 400!!!! Then a little boat road and then a 1km train ride. Learning about stalactites and stalagmites, and the many years it takes for them to finally join. All enjoyed it, if not a little tired after!

We arrived back at around 12.45 for lunch, followed by half hour recovery before heading down the Meadows for the customary refreshment of cool water shot from a pistol. So yes the traditional water fight ensued. Needless to say there was not a dry person around…. safe to say it was wonderfully warm and beautifully sunny!! So once soaking we set about drying out by playing parachute games, and running around with all the other groups who had chosen to enjoy the sunshine today. I don’t know if many caught the life feed of our Meadows adventure?!!

Once the afternoon was beginning to come to a close we went along to a Lourdes favourite pastime of a sing song in the cafe! A cool refreshment later and we arrived back at the hotel to fill in diaries, reflecting and keeping a record of all we have done.

So as we head for tea tonight and then hopefully an early night, we’ll bid you au revoir until tomorrow!!

Come Alive with 75!!!

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