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This section is for fans, helpers, family and friends to post messages for the group.  Please let us know you thoughts, feedback, stories and thoughts about the group and our pilgrimage?

Just post you messages in the comments section below and give us your thoughts & messages, Thank You.


11 responses to “Message Board

  1. Caroline says:

    When I first applied for my son to go on the HCPT trip 2 years ago I changed my mind as I had a panic and did not feel ready, and also was not sure that he was. Last year, having heard from other friends how good it was, my son decided he would like to go, and I was anxious but felt ready and it was important that he should go. As it was he was ‘runner up’ as the trip was full. However we were made to feel included, and though we had not met Ann Marie we were kept in contact, invited to the 2012 get together post trip and shown a DVD of the trip. By now my son was really keen, So when invited on the 2013 trip he was raring to go, really enjoyed the preparatory introductory evenings and seemed really settled quickly. By the time the trip arrived I had no qualms at all about him going; we had full confidence in the experience, motives, and care of the wonderful group, and we valued the ethos. It was an excellent experience both for him to be away from us and not to rely on us to be his communicators, and also for us to have had some uninterrupted quality time for the for the first time in many years, knowing that he was in a safe and loving environment. We are so grateful for this opportunity for all of us, and for the wonderful work and commitment from the HCPT group 75. Thank you.

    • Victor Raby says:

      Having been to lourdes many times I always feel priveliged to help with the children at Easter seeing how they enjoy themselves .it is great to see the helpers and the children bonding together as the week progresses .This year was my 5th year.with Group 75 and hope to do many more.The friendships made during this week are always rememberd. Vic

  2. Katy Taylor Hamilton says:

    Hi Gruop 75 How are you enjoy Loruds it is fab you can do lots of thing with Ann Marie and the gang most of all have fun and don’t worry about your family and look after Ann Marie

  3. Gemma Hall says:

    Hi Group 75 hope you all got there safe and well and everyone has settled and ready to enjoy your week have fun cant wait for updates and pictures x

  4. deb mccarron says:

    Happy Easter to our lovely daughter Chloe Mccarron & rest of group 75 ,have a fab day&enjoy easter hunt kids, lots of love&kisses pet mam dad&matthew xxxx

  5. Gemma Hall says:

    happy easter to u all from group 75 hope ur all having fun x

  6. rebecca charlie n thomas says:

    Hi group 75. Hope u r all haveing fun
    Charlie saysWe try and send u the su cos he bk at
    Also says missing pops gran granda n uncle mike. Hope u had a fab easter. C u all soon xxxx

  7. Gemma Hall says:

    hi group 75 hope the weathers better for you all today the photos are fab and i hope georgia is behaving herself missing her loads but you all seem to be enjoying it and i will be logging on tommorrow to see if i can see u all x

  8. june mundie says:

    thank you for having me in lourdes

  9. June says:

    Loving the daily pics. Looks like everyone is have a great time. So pleased the weather is being kind to you all. Love to everyone June xx

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