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Party Time!

One big party…..

Thursday could not have been a better day. We began the day donning our harlaquin pants and heading to trust mass and wow it was fantastic. All of HCPT under one roof singing and dancing. All the colours of the rainbow is a sight to behold. There was pegging and badge swapping happening throught, whilst also remembering why we are here. I hope many of you got to watch it. It truly was one of the best.

If you missed the live stream the video is on the Lourdes site so please watch back and look out for us, you can’t miss those pants! click here – HCPT Trust Mass 2016

Though the weather has turned now and the sun has maybe headed to Britain, the rain will never dampen our spirits and the shorts will still be on display. We embarked upon the ‘petit’ train journey around Lourdes to the sites. Though in true HCPT style water guns were involved. Therefore anybody wearing colours was fair game. Unfortunately that meant those on the train too!!! Needless to say we were super wet when we disembarked and in need of a warm shower.

Thursday evening sees our annual fancy dress party night!! We had lady gaga, pirates, hula girls, superman to name but a few. We had a wonderful time and even our regional chair, Richard, popped in by to see us.

Our last full day is starting and we’ve got so much to do, so ciao for now!

Come Alive with 75!!


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Sorry for another short delay in this post, Internet issues again, I am back with you now but I'm not sure for how long! Lets bring you all up to date with the last few days.

Wednesday was a long, busy but fun day at the beach. It was bright and sunny day so it was perfect for a day on the beach. St. Jean de Luz is a small fishing/tourist town, with a stunning long sandy beach and the sun had brought with it lots of groups from Lourdes and felt like our HCPT family was right there with us.

Once we had our packed lunch, provided by the hotel, we made our way on to the sand. Once a few footballs had gone flying around and a sandcastle was being constructed by Abbie and Cameron, Katie settled down to a good sunbathe and John had no problem if finding out how cold the Atlantic Ocean really is!

Ross loved making some helpers chase the football in to the sea and got his feet wet himself. And everyone got involved with with big parachute and all the children did brilliantly playing cricket!

Thursday morning was time for the Trust Mass. Hopefully some of you got to see the Mass on the webcams but if not they usually have the service online for a little while if you wanted to go on and watch. Have a look on the Lourdes website TV Lourdes – Le direct avec la vie des Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes | Lourdes

Trust Mass is always a very special time of the week, everyone can't help but dance, sing and be moved by the scales and warmth of the service. Over 5000 people on one place with fancy dress, face paints, flashing lights, bubbles and even very loud clown pants (should be easier to spot us on the webcams!)

The afternoon was filled with more crafts and art as the children all worked together to decorate the candle ready for Friday morning. They all wrote some prayers, thoughts or wishes on and beautifully covered the tall candle with stickers and ribbon. Tonight was all about our party! We went out for dinner tonight all in our finest costumes with Firemen, Pink Ladies, Princesses, Kangaroos and a Tiger amoungst the best of the group.

With a couple of other groups in the cafe there was yet more singing and dancing around the tables and not a scrap of food left over. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night even with the rain bouncing on the streets of Lourdes outside.

The last act of the night is a few awards for the outstanding members of our group…the children. And we ae pleased to announce our winners are:

Best Helper – John

Best Dancer – Cameron

Best Baby Helper – Abbie

Best Pegger – Ross

Best Sunbather – Katie

One last message for the day is from our Group Leader Annmarie and Deputy Netty, to say thank you to all the helpers and the children that have helped to make this a great week for all and for helping make the week go smoothly.

Tomorrow is our final full day in France but we can't be sad as we have had a wonderful week and still have lots to do. Internet allowing we will post again tomorrow to let you know all about it.



Plan for 2011

 Well the planning for the 2011 trip is already well under way and it actually started as soon as the group touched down back the UK from last year’s pilgrimage! (for more information about last years fabulous trip click on the page Easter Week 2010 in the top right of the site)

The children for this year have been chosen and the helpers are gearing up to make this our best trip yet!

The plan for the week is now in place with activities and excursions organised, making for a busy week and I wanted to do a post to let you know more about a few of the things we can look forward to whilst we are on our pilgrimage.

In Lourdes, we will spend time in and around the domain; with a plethora of ‘plan b’s’ should we get a spot of rain or two. Plenty of fun will be had in the Meadows with the parachute, football, water guns and general merriment of running around and enjoying ourselves.

We have a planned excursion to the sea side town of St Jean de Luz. Here we are able to play on the beach where everyone becomes a child again. We get the bats and balls out; have a traditional game of cricket and jumpers for goal posts. Careful to make sure we’ve all got sun cream on, even those with those delicate bald patches, we roll our trouser legs up and have a little dip in the Bay of Biscay. It can be a bit brrrr….!!!

Another of our trips is amongst the wildlife, partly with the fishes and other with the land based animals of the world. We spend some time in the aquarium where we will be able to see many different kinds of fish and maybe even a shark. We will then take a visit to the animal park, where there are bears and the otters, and even a little petting zoo.

We also are very lucky to be able to share days out and trips with our friends from the North East, Group 36!

Amongst all this fun we also have the spectacular event that is the Torchlight Procession, where all pilgrims in Lourdes are invited to join the procession led by HCPT, finishing with sing along and dancing in Rosary Square.

Then on Thursday morning all of HCPT will come together and celebrate Trust Mass, where the object is to provide a liturgy for a huge number of people, whilst keeping it child friendly and enjoyable for all. For many this is the highlight of the week.

From this you can see it is bound to be a busy and fun packed week and the children and the helpers will love. I’m sure everyone, like me, really can’t wait for the 23rd April.

Just for you all to get a feel for how close we are now; it’s Pancake Day! So while everyone tucks into their pancakes, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. If you giving something you love up for lent your treat at the end is a wonderful week away in sunny (let’s hope) France.

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