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So Friday, always and emotional day in Lourdes. The day we realise the time we have spent together as a group is coming to an end, for this week anyway. We have had a fabulous week and the young people we have brought with us have made a long lasting impression. We’ve had so many laughs together and each and everyone have been a privilege to spend time with.

We began Friday with by decorating the group candle and writing our petitions. The guys then went off shopping for a little while whilst deputy and leader got the arduous task of packing the boxes and figuring what need for next year’s trip. Not even home yet and we’re planning for the future.

After lunch Father came to bless the candle ready for us to take it to the grotto later in the evening. We continued the afternoon with a regional photo for the North West followed by mass.

This is where Hannah got to exhibit her exiled vocal talents and Jamie his acting prowess. They were both fabulous and super talented.

We then made our last visit to cafe for a great sing song with some other groups. Absolutely great fun. Thoroughly enjoyed by us all.

As dusk fell we set out for the grotto with our group candle. As always it was very emotional. We spend a short time there lighting the candle, reflecting on our week and thoughts turn to people at home. There were a few tears, which very quickly turned to laughter when one of our young people said ‘do you know the best thing about life…..Lego’.

Well what more can you say?? It has been one fabulous year with a marvellous group of people. I hope for us all to meet up at the reunion which we’ll confirm when we’re back.

So all that’s left to do is finish packing and get ready to leave!!

Come Alive with 75!!

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Party Time!

One big party…..

Thursday could not have been a better day. We began the day donning our harlaquin pants and heading to trust mass and wow it was fantastic. All of HCPT under one roof singing and dancing. All the colours of the rainbow is a sight to behold. There was pegging and badge swapping happening throught, whilst also remembering why we are here. I hope many of you got to watch it. It truly was one of the best.

If you missed the live stream the video is on the Lourdes site so please watch back and look out for us, you can’t miss those pants! click here – HCPT Trust Mass 2016

Though the weather has turned now and the sun has maybe headed to Britain, the rain will never dampen our spirits and the shorts will still be on display. We embarked upon the ‘petit’ train journey around Lourdes to the sites. Though in true HCPT style water guns were involved. Therefore anybody wearing colours was fair game. Unfortunately that meant those on the train too!!! Needless to say we were super wet when we disembarked and in need of a warm shower.

Thursday evening sees our annual fancy dress party night!! We had lady gaga, pirates, hula girls, superman to name but a few. We had a wonderful time and even our regional chair, Richard, popped in by to see us.

Our last full day is starting and we’ve got so much to do, so ciao for now!

Come Alive with 75!!


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The beach!

Well Wednesday was beach day!! What a ball we had, running in and out of the water and playing on the sand. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have wished for a better day. The two hour journey to St Jean de Luz is always well worth it. The rainbow pilgrimage invades the small town and brings life and party for an afternoon.

Night time was our annual lads and lasses night out dressed as where’s wally!! We get many comments and make many new friends on this night. I think Maureen and Magaret had a couple of men give them a peck on the cheek….even a member of the clergy!!
So today brings us to our BIG day as HCPT. The trust mass celebrating the diamond jubilee. It’ll be one to remember.

We’ll check in later. Keep following Facebook and Twitter throughout the day and we’ll keep you updated on our goings on!!

Come Alive with 75!!

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Torchlight Tuesday

Well Tuesday was a wonderful day. We started with a little bit of a late breakfast (for us) dressed in full neon. Nice and bright, just as 75 like it 🙂

We then headed to the play base for some face painting, ball games and crafts. There was some lovely artwork painted on our boys and girls.

The afternoon consisted of the group photo, steering away from the traditional this year and dressing still in our neon gear!The afternoon culminated in a rest for us all, the boys had other ideas and instigated a pillow fight. Mainly it was down time ready for the late night ahead at the HCPT led torchlight procession.

The procession started at 8.45 and before long there were all the HCPT groups bathed in a sea of candle light, beautiful to behold.To celebrate the diamond anniversary of HCPT there was a fireworks display, one of the best!!!

Thanks HCPT and the people of Lourdes for a wonderful joyous evening.

So right now we’re on our way to the beach. We’ll be in touch later….

Come Alive with 75!!

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Hello!…..From Sunny Lourdes

Well hello from sunny Lourdes. The weather has been lovely for the last couple of days, so much so an impromptu water fight occured on the meadows yesterday afternoon culminting in one soaked deputy…. Ah well we soon dried off in a cafe where our illustrious leader finally made her grand enterance, in the fine words of another group leader our ‘part time pilgrim’ had arrived.

We began the day off to the caves. The guys thoroughly enjoyed it. According to one, we went down 399 steps, we walked a mile, went on a boat and then finally a train…all within a short ninety minutes.
As previously mentioned we spent the afternoon in the Meadows, playing games, tennis and football. Then having a group game of rounders (baseball to the boys).
The evening consisted of the arky parky concert. We got our first chance to really stretch the vocal chords with a little bit of rise and shine.
So as for today we are having our neon day and we’re off to the play base!!
So ciao for now!!
Come Alive with 75!!

Caves and Pirates!

So today saw us hit the Betharram caves just outside Lourdes. We descended the 263 steps into the depths and down the five levels to the boat and then onto the train. A sing song on the coach followed with another group.

A quick trip for lunch at the hotel saw our last member, Margaret join us today.

The afternoon was spent playing games on the meadows, which was lovely to do as previous years the floods have made for waterlogged fields. The parachute was out and the footballs kicked around. Such good fun 🙂

The night brought about the Pirates of the Caribbean concert night, oooooo arrrrrr! The lovely Michelle McManus led proceedings much to Victors delight 🙂 Everyone had a great sung and dance and a loud rendition of Let It Go was sang. Fabulous day all round!

You come alive with 75!!!!

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Short and sweet

A short but sweet blog post tonight.

We arrived early afternoon into Lourdes, we had an uneventful journey aside from a bumpy landing. We think the co-pilot was having a go at touchdown.

The hotel is lovely as always and we have not long ago had tea, following an afternoon sing song. So its off to bed soon, and we’ll blog tomorrow 🙂

Come Alive with 75!!!

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Party Time

Well today we had the Trust Mass. I hope you saw us?? Faces painted, colourful trousers and blue t-shirts. What a spectacle it was, hosted by the met deep south. We had a bit of rise and shine and sing it in the valleys. The morning was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The afternoon saw the infamous ‘petit train’ also known as Group 75 water fight!! We headed around Lourdes on the train armed with water pistols and anyone in HCPT colours were fair game. Needless to say ‘drowned rats’ spring to mind. Videos and pictures to follow. 

The night ended in the party night and a bit of fancy dress. We had a few games and it was time for the weekly awards…

Best Dancer – Georgia
Best Wheelchair Pusher – Lewis
Best Make Up Advisor – Danielle
Best Singer – Kate
Best Diary Writer – Sean
Best Bouncer – Grace

We followed this with an amazing singing and dancing disco in a pub with many of the other groups! 

Tomorrow sees us having a lie in and a visit to the Animal Park, then the big pack.

Come Alive with 75!!


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Busy Day

Well what a day!!

We had a little lie in of about 8 am, absolute bliss! Then we headed of to Hosanna House for a morning of mayhem. Lewis was first to find the bouncy castle, and dragged a couple of us with him. The ladies, Grace, Kate, Danielle and Georgia found the face paints and persuaded Alan, Dave and John to join in. Check out the photos 🙂

Sean made full use of the bouncy castle and even got Annmarie on, to much amusement.

After a fun filled morning, the afternoon was spent having a full group photo and having a walk through the Grotto. Then some down time was had by some whilst others, namely Grace, Danielle and Kate spent 50 minutes in one shop!! That must be some record….

The evening was spent at one of the most poynient parts of the week, the Torchlight Procession. It touched many of the group and the children and young people were very respectful. The evening ended with a full HCPT sing song, once again enjoyed by everyone.

Tomorrow is the beach!!

Come alive with 75!!!

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Easter 2014

Well it is almost time, the clock ticks towards another Easter week in Lourdes with some wonderful kids and helpers about to head for bed before a very early start in the morning.

There are some great fun days planned, trips out, laughs, singing, friends to make and memories to create in the next week and it will feel like Christmas tonight. Hopefully all the bags are packed and everything is ready so sleep well and it will soon be time to hit the road to the airport.

We will try and keep things up to date on the blog here on our website so if you are not joining the group in France and are joining in from a far please feel free to keep an eye out for update on here.

And don’t forget to send you messages to the group, as everyone reads them and really love getting their messages in the Tatler while they are there, especially the kids, so email tatler@hcpt.org.uk and make sure you mention the Group 75!!

Rise and Shine everyone….

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